Thursday, July 6, 2017

Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container on Windows Server 2012

Message which pops up when you try changing the permission on a folder or file

I am assuming that the folder or file is on your file server.

There are multiple ways you can change the permission of a folder or file. You can try UNC to the share or RDP into the server where your file or folder resides.

IMP: Make sure the account you use to login to the server has appropriate rights to make changes to folder and file permissions

In a production environment, we use our non-admin username to log on to the desktop machine, in that case if you try to change permission via UNC you will get the same Security Error

So make sure you RDP into the server with your domain admin credentials to change permission of the folder or file

Right click on the folder, select properties and go to the security tab

Click on Advanced 

Click on the Change next to owners

Select the account you want to give permission to the folder

Tick the boxes to replace the owner and replace all child object permission

Press yes on the windows security warning. It will start taking ownership of the folder and files

If you want to take ownership of the multiple folders and files, it is easy to take ownership of the parent directory

Close and reopen the security properties of the folder and confirm that the security permissions are applied.

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