Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Use office deployment tool to install Office365 on MDT Image

 Download the Office deployment tool from Microsoft

Extract the file to your local machine.

The extracted folder will look like below

Depending on the version, edit the .xml file or create a copy of the .xml file. I have made a copy of the .xml file and named it configurationx64.xml.

I have changed the <Display Level> from None to All to see the installation progress and select the Channel option to “Current.”

Read about the update channel using the below link

After updating the Configuratonx64.xml, I created a batch file called Install.bat and enter the below details

You can run the install.bat to install office 365 directly on the image. If you are installing directly on the image, make sure you don’t open any office application until you capture the image.

The other option is to download the office365 file and install it as an application.  

To download the office file, I have created a batch file called download.bat and enter the below details

Run command prompt as administrator and run the batch file. 

You will be able to see a new folder called office getting created under the office folder.

You can copy the file to the MDT server and create an application or copy the entire office folder to any machine and install it using the install.bat command. Since you have already downloaded files, the installation will be quick. 

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