Friday, October 21, 2022

MDT Sysprep and capture not working after updating ADK

 I have created a new MDT server with Windows11 ADK and since then, I couldn’t get the MDT "Sysprep and capture" task sequence working.

I was trying to capture the image using VMware VM, and as soon as the computer restarted after the Sysprep, it went into a reboot loop.

After trying multiple troubleshooting, I found the below article from Johan Arwidmark.

The way I got it working is not only adding the FixUEFIDetection.wsf but also updating the MDT using the KB4564442

Once you download the file, double-click on it to extract it. It will create an x86 and x64 folder.

You must copy and replace the file in the Driveletter:\Deploymentshare$\Tools\x86 and x64 folder

Completely regenerate the boot images

Once finished, you should be able to capture the image successfully

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Find GPO's applied to a computer if the gpresult /r and rsop.msc failed to load due to permission

How to see the group policies applied to a computer if the gpresult /r and rsop.msc failed to load due to domain permission

Run the command prompt as administrator

Enter gpresult /Scope Computer /v

This will show all the GPO policies applied to the computer in detail.

 or Enter gpresult /r /scope:computer

Powershell script to find a Folder location in outlook

Very useful when you have hundreds of folders in the user mailbox or shared mailbox, and you want to find a specific folder that was acciden...