Friday, October 21, 2022

MDT Sysprep and capture not working after updating ADK

 I have created a new MDT server with Windows11 ADK and since then, I couldn’t get the MDT "Sysprep and capture" task sequence working.

I was trying to capture the image using VMware VM, and as soon as the computer restarted after the Sysprep, it went into a reboot loop.

After trying multiple troubleshooting, I found the below article from Johan Arwidmark.

The way I got it working is not only adding the FixUEFIDetection.wsf but also updating the MDT using the KB4564442

Once you download the file, double-click on it to extract it. It will create an x86 and x64 folder.

You must copy and replace the file in the Driveletter:\Deploymentshare$\Tools\x86 and x64 folder

Completely regenerate the boot images

Once finished, you should be able to capture the image successfully

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Find GPO's applied to a computer if the gpresult /r and rsop.msc failed to load due to permission

How to see the group policies applied to a computer if the gpresult /r and rsop.msc failed to load due to domain permission

Run the command prompt as administrator

Enter gpresult /Scope Computer /v

This will show all the GPO policies applied to the computer in detail.

 or Enter gpresult /r /scope:computer

How to Install Windows 11 VM on ESXi Host for Capturing MDT Image

 Once you create the VM on the ESXi Host, Boot from Windows 11 ISO You will get the below Error message. Press Shift +F10 and Enter the belo...